Want to check the auction sales records of an established artist?

For example, enter member artists - Francis Tansey, Elizabeth Cope, John Keating, Paddy Lennon, Bridget Flannery, John Philip Murray, or Dan Rocha into the search window below to see his/her recorded auction records.


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Capture your own images:

It is extremely important for artists and collectors to capture high quality images of their art. can provide all the equipment you need, at very competative prices.

Attention sculptors and designers - is in the forefont of 3-D image capture technology.

Looking for museum quality conservation framing?

Special discount available to member artists at Artisan Frames.

Prefer hardcopy Artists Directories?

Amme Fresca Books and Publications now has available at selected book shops, or for direct ordering, a new series of publications: Artist Area Directories for Ireland .

Looking for quality bronze casting?

The Kilmainham Art Foundry take commissions from fine artists and institutions for castings in bronze of original art sculptures and faithful reproductions of antique objects.

Attention Galleries:

Most galleries advise buyers that, above all other considerations, one should buy what one likes.

It follows therefore that a financially successful gallery must exhibit artworks which appeal to a majority of buyers.

Commiting the considerable time, expense, and wall space in a 'brick-and-mortar' gallery to exhibit a new, untested talent can prove to be a very costly mistake.

Heretofore there has been no way to, in effect, 'test market' artworks.

Now, with Artvitae you can at a minimal expense expose an artist's works to millions of people of all backgrounds and professions, and in five different worldwide languages.

To submit one of your artists to Artvitae, simply follow our normal submission instructions, except that you supply your contact information instead of that of the artist.

You can of course also attract buyers via Artvitae, and we take no commissions.