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Wood Engraving : Faraway World cover illusration
Joseph Sloan
FULL SET OF WOOD ENGRAVINGS AT LYON AND TURNBULL Joseph Sloan has, for the first time, released a full set of wood engravings which were commissioned as the illustrations for the 1977 book "Faraway World; an Orkney Boyhood" by W.Towrie Cutt. A portfolio comprising 24 original limited edition, hand printed wood engravings, together with a signed copy of the book, will go on auction on 16th August 2018 in the Lyon and Turnbull (Edinburgh) Modern British and Contemporary Art Auction.

Phesant Shoot
Gregory Toal
Gregory will be exhibiting at next month's forthcoming RDS Horse Show 2018 , Main Hall stand D18, Wendsday the 8th to Sunday the 12th of August . He will be exhibiting his broad pallet of work from hunting and shooting, vintage cars,equestrian, pen and watercolour and his contemporary abstract expressionism.

Warm Water Pools
Gregory Toal
After leaving Merrion Square in 2013 Gregory has returned to Pitch no.70 , North, Merrion Square, Dublin 2. At present he is finishing new work for his next solo exhibition at a private show at the RDS members Club similar to his successful private show in The Royal Irish Yacht Club in 2007.

Tidal Pool
Ethan S Lima

Pending Fall (2016)
Jose Garcia y Mas
Although global policy plays a very important part, García y Más is not a political painter in any narrow sense, his realistic paintings focus on the problematic social issues of the day, on environments, on cultural and literary themes: the point is made by means of alienation, irony and wit, often in a macabre manner. Latest Publication: “In the Light of Recent European Events” - José García y Más (Oil on Canvas, 1995-2016). Bansin: Atelier-Galerie 2017. 56 S., 37 Abb.

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