Frequently Asked Questions

How can I buy art online from
First you must contact the artist and negotiate a final price. You and the artist are free to make whatever payment arrangements best suit the both of you. However, if you choose to pay online we suggest you use our associate escrow service ESCROW.COM to complete the transaction online with total security and a money back guarantee. Payments made by Cheque, Debit Card, or Wire Transfer are charged a small fee of 1.25%. Payments by Credit Card are charged 4%. ( takes no commissions on the sales, does not interfere with, nor assumes any responsibilities for the transactions between the buyers and sellers.)

How does the ESCROW.COM Escrow Service work?
An escrow is a service in which an independent third party protects the interests of both the Buyer and the Seller of goods. Once the Buyer and the Seller have agreed on a price, the Buyer pays the money to ESCROW.COM. When ESCROW.COM have received the money they will tell the Seller that he can send the goods to the Buyer safe in the knowledge that they have been paid for. The Buyer is allowed a short time to make sure that the goods match the Seller's description and are in good condition. If he is happy, ESCROW.COM will forward the money to the Seller. However if the Buyer is not happy, he can return the goods to the Seller and ESCROW.COM will refund the money.

How many sales did make last year?
It is our policy not to intervene between potential buyers and artists. We encourage direct communication and the development of personal relationships. Although we do have informal reports of sales, we would never violate the privacy of any artists by recording or reporting their sales.

Having said that, London-based artist Ilana Richardson has given us permission to publish an email message from her: “Thought you might like to hear that a woman from Washington DC, was searching the net for the Pensione Accademia in Venice, and came upon the page on your website, with my painting of it. Not only did she buy it, but a most wonderful and intense correspondence started. . . . Wonderful, the net, isn’t it?” .

Is the cost of art works tax deductible?
Tax laws vary from country to country. Many countries allow tax deductions for works of art given to or loaned to public institutions. Here in Ireland,’s home country, an individual businessman or corporation who displays art in a public area of his business is entitled to an annual 15% straight line tax deduction. Check with a local tax consultant for the regulations in your home country. You might be pleasantly surprised.

How do I send an E-postcard ?
You can send E-postcards with your personal message displaying an art work of your choice from the portfolios of Simply go to the portfolio page of any of our member artists (using the ARTIST INDEX or ART SEARCH links above). Then click on any image on the portfolio page, to display the full size image. There you will find a link "send an e-postcard" under the image that will guide you through the easy completion procedure.

What is the use of the ArtWorks Database?
We all seem to be in a hurry. Thanks to the ArtWorks Database visitors to the site can cut straight to the types of art that interest them the most.

For example, an Interior Desginer might be decorating a French Provincial style period room. Utilizing the ArtWorks Database she or he can choose to view only artworks which are Impressionism, French, Landscapes, Oils, of the dimension to fit the wall space, and within the price range bugeted to him.

What is the point of ranking the art works?
Besides the obvious extra exposure to the artists whose artworks rank into The Top 50 category, the ranking system is also important from a number of different audience perspectives:

Viewers from all backgrounds, nationalities, and professions will be able to express their opinion to a world wide forum. They will be able to compare their opinions to those of millions.

Member Artists get feedback as to which types of their artwork are most admired. This feedback can constructively influence the direction of their development. Also, achieving The Top 50 ranking gives them extra exposure, and incentive.

Galleries can 'test market' online, the public's reaction to artists they are presently exhibiting or might be considering exhibiting in their 'bricks-and-mortar' gallery. This could protect them from considerable loss of time and money.

Can ArtVitae be viewed on the new Internet TV medium?
Yes. ArtVitae's format is completely compatible. Within a couple of years, by then well into the 'post PC era', viewing the Internet on your living room TV will be the norm.

Imagine, billions of people will be able to view the Portfolios and Curriculum Vitaes of our Member Artists.

How do I know ArtVitae will exist a year from now?
Most internet companies depend on loans, investments, or government grants for thier very existence. In this fast paced arena, such tenuous money sources can dry up overnight, and many Dot.coms undoubtedly will fold. In contrast, ArtVitae is a privately owned company. We owe no creditors anything.

Must your Member Artists sign exclusive contracts to exhibit with Artvitae?
No. We understand that an artist might want to join more than one internet site to gain additional exposure. We have absolutely no objections to that.