'Love and Religion'

Width: 101 Height: 76 cms

Throughout my life I have experienced many events that have influenced my perception on life. The major difference between my opinion and someone else’s on these events is simply perspective. I have always seen my life through a psychological lens and felt what was actually going on, very similar to a deep unexpected dream. So I have questioned myself, why? how? What was the purpose of this event? What would be the consequence? I have learned that in the game of life, that if you play it safe nothing worthwhile will happen. Your life will feel like a boring movie with no love, passion, adventure or meaning. My paintings represent the feelings I have deep inside, my point of view towards the dream we like to call life. Sometimes I can’t explain the feeling but I see it, I feel an image in my mind that I know the impact through art will be tremendous. Many times people ask, “Why did you paint that”, I can’t tell them at that particular moment just because my work can be thoughts, memories, dreams, or ideas that I had at a specific time. What I can tell them is this, “what you see is definitely a piece of my life”. I believe that people are in constant change so I don’t expect my work to always be viewed the same way by different people. I’m hoping that even the same person who views a piece twice will have a different perspective. I’m hoping my viewers can remember either a part of their life, someone else’s life or something special that impacted their life the way I did while creating each painting. Mauricio Bouzas Gasque

 1-4 of 4 pieces. 

A Huge Problem
Medium: acrylic
Subject: life
Style: surrealism
Size: Width: 60.9 Height: 76.2 cms
Price: Sold
Medium: acrylic
Subject: still life
Style: abstract
Size: Width: 76 Height: 101 cms
Price: $3,000 Convert
See it for what it is
Medium: acrylic
Subject: inspirational
Style: surrealism
Size: Width: 40 Height: 50 cms
Price: On request
The Great Depression
Medium: acrylic
Subject: historical
Style: surrealism
Size: Width: 76.2 Height: 60.9 cms
Price: $2,700 Convert
 1-4 of 4 pieces.