'Selby Koi Pond'

Width: 63.5 Height: 48.3 cms

Award winning artist Adele Jacqueline Moore has been painting and drawing since childhood and has mastered her outstanding use of oils and pastels through years of intensive study with mentors, cultural centers and artists retreats throughout the northeast and Florida. For the past 18 years she has operated out of her studio in Florida and has worked diligently on commissions throughout the country as well as on exhibitions in Florida and across the country. Moore’s art reflects a magical use of light and color to convey an atmosphere and mood that captures the natural surroundings of her subjects. Her love for nature is a passion that is shown in all of her work. The medium she chooses to use for each artwork is in harmony with the environment and the message of the subject. Jackie has traveled extensively and has gained insight and breadth in the subjects she portrays as result of her travels. A significant destination was a three week mainland China journey which has inspired a series of oil and pastel paintings depicting the land and its people. The goal is to show how a culture so different can be so much the same as our own, through the depiction of ordinary people doing their ordinary things. A recent journey to Germany has confirmed the ‘we are all one’ feeling that pervades her work. Trips to locations in America also bring out the feeling of universal kinship, from Maine to California, from Florida to Canada.

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Cabbage Palms
Medium: pastel
Subject: landscape
Style: realism
Size: Width: 23 Height: 30.5 cms
Price: On request
 1-1 of 1 pieces.