Width: 50 Height: 40 cms

I am a self-taught developing artist and have been interested in art, music, history, science and technology since my school days. My earliest paintings were murals, and seascapes in water colour. Career wise, I progressed from production engineering through business administration, to becoming an I.T. consultant. But I longed for much creativity in my working life, so I took up both photography and digital art. And in recent years have returned to physical painting, using the acrylic and encaustic art mediums. My travels and many interests in life often lead to artistic inspiration and new artistic endeavours, which in turn enable me to relax. I regard myself as a cheerful painter and not only enjoy creativity for myself, but hope other people feel good by my paintings too. Since I took up painting again, my enthusiasm has grown and grown, and now every opportunity is used to work on something new.

More artworks coming soon.