'Eternal Landscape'

Width: 80 Height: 90 cms

"Qasim Al-Septi is an artist who runs the Hewar Gallery from his house in Baghdad. He's a charismatic, handsome man in his 50s, who holds court most mornings in the gallery and the garden in the back, where there is a charming cafť, surrounded by lush plants and sheltered from the sun by a corrugated tin roof supported by antique columns. It's the greenest place I've seen in Iraq, and on this particular October morning it's buzzing with energy, with groups of men and a few women talking animatedly.

Qasim is showing me his own new work. His style took an abrupt change in the months leading up to the war. He felt his time might be short and that he had a lot to say, so he switched from oils to collage, and in two months produced some 250 works using old book covers from which the text had been removed. They're simple, and range in mood from lyrical to somber.

"It's not important, the style. You should not get stuck in one place always doing the same thing," explains Qasim simply, in between discussions with artists about displaying their work and hollering to his young son to grab some nails to secure a painting in its frame.

Artists of Qasim's generation were the students of the "Pioneers," the first generation of Iraqi artists to bring modernism to Iraq, often inspired by their studies not in Europe but in Turkey. Indeed, modernist abstraction influenced by European and American schools is the reigning painting style in Baghdad." - Steve Mumford

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Superficial Knowledge
Medium: collage
Subject: culture
Style: abstract
Size: Width: 35 Height: 22 cms
Price: On request
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