'Sporty woman'

Width: 50 Height: 70 cms

I love to keep up to date with all the latest news from the art field and to be aware with all the important cultural events. My hobbyes are sport (biking, running, swiming, tennis), travels, meetings, art researches (painting/ new media/ instalation/ mixed art/ articles about art...), webdesign, socializing, and, not at last, blogging. I think not only artists, but all who are passionate about a particular area had realized that sometimes it can take several days without eating or sleeping, because they are in the process of work, and when you are passionate about something, that’s it, nothing can hold you and gives no peace to do something else.

 1-4 of 4 pieces. 

Medium: sculpture
Subject: interior
Style: classical
Size: Width: 45 Height: 100 cms
Price: $1,000 Convert
My first flight
Medium: mixed
Subject: abstractions
Style: abstract
Size: Width: 70 Height: 70 cms
Price: $1,000 Convert
Paper and furniture
Medium: installation
Subject: interior
Style: geometric
Size: Width: 70 Height: 70 cms
Price: $400 Convert
Medium: oils
Subject: flowers
Style: other
Size: Width: 30 Height: 50 cms
Price: $500 Convert
 1-4 of 4 pieces.