Width: 80 Height: 60 cms

Rosa Olivo says that she aims for “a clash of experiences” in her work. In keeping with that goal, her paintings are ones in which many striking contrasts make themselves felt. Her works are filled with shapes and images that seem to be on the verge of becoming recognizable objects, but stay just out of reach. The artist explains that she wants her images to appear as “creative magma, a sneaky invasion of something real but unknown.” Olivo’s energetic compositions catch the viewer up in a kaleidoscopic field of images that seem to be barely contained by the edges of the frame. But that energy is always played off against the sure sense of balance and form that grounds her work, ensuring that nothing ever seems random. She walks a similar line in the way she uses colors. Varying shades and intensities of hue bump up against each other in a way that further energizes her images, internalizing the conflicts that the compositions articulate. Employing a wide variety of textures, she skillfully places subtle washes of color and finely worked patterns alongside drips, scratches and handwriting. But it is not just contrast that gives Olivo’s work its powerful appeal. There is a strong sense of cohesion and unity as well. Perhaps the most impressive aspect, one which unites the paintings, is the painter’s ability to create an aura of light. Many of her works seem to glow from within. Those areas of light lead the viewer’s eye through each image, providing a framework that draws us into the world that is being created, one that Olivo refers to as “a land of surprises.” Rosa Olivo thinking of art “as a flow with no preconceptions, no schemes to submit to, no specified roads implying limitations.” But while there is never a feeling of limitation in her work, there is definitely a well-defined artistic sensibility that makes its presence strongly felt. Rosa Olivo lives and works in Buenos Aires.

More artworks coming soon.