'Elizabeth Cope'

Width: 46 Height: 56 cms
oils-expressionism-still life

Money: coins, notes, passbooks, paper statements, electronic computer balances. Don't fool yourself; they are only promises. And as we have learned from the collapse of giant financial organs like the infamous AIG, promises can be broken with devastating consequences.

Real wealth is stuff. The best of the stuff is Fine Art and Antiques. And the real 'bonus' of 'investing' in art is possessing a true and unique masterpiece of human creativity.

If you want to protect your wealth, convert your money (maybe your AIG bonus?) into some of the marvelous stuff below from the Bonuses Gallery. Get it real.

All the suggested prices listed are already discounted below the market prices for these collectable artists. However, due to the present harsh economic climate, all reasonable offers will be considered. Interested parties should contact us via the
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 1-6 of 6 pieces. 

Ahmed Al-Safi
Medium: oils
Subject: mythic
Style: expressionism
Size: Width: 100 Height: 140 cms
Price: $0, €5500
David Shanahan
Medium: oils
Subject: people
Style: social
Size: Width: 62 Height: 46 cms
Price: $0, €1400
Francis Tansey
Medium: acrylic
Subject: floral
Style: abstract
Size: Width: 62 Height: 62 cms
Price: $0, €3200
Michael Loyer
Medium: pastel
Subject: nude
Style: romantic
Size: Width: 46 Height: 46 cms
Price: $0, €500
Patrick Morrison
Medium: oils
Subject: nude
Style: expressionism
Size: Width: 72 Height: 92 cms
Price: $0, €5000
Vasilij Belikov
Medium: oils
Subject: landscape
Style: luminist
Size: Width: 56 cms
Price: $0, €1500
 1-6 of 6 pieces.