'the land of dreams'

Width: 100 Height: 70 Depth: 2 cms

The work by Ma≥gorzata Maśkowiak shows few signs of earthy prove- nience, bearing as it does almost no relation to the common environ-ment that, no matter whether we approve or resist, forces itself upon us. It can be compared to a collection of samples, scrapped off from reality, and causing it to radiate energy and valour. The world appears here as a infinite space full of traces left by people of good will. with no menacing danger and conflict. Maśkowiak’s performances show no lack of the fairy story element. In spite of it, we won’t find here either any beautification of the world or shirking from fundamental questions. And the material aspect of this art has nothing to do with squeezing out of pigment pulp from the tube. The real corner-stone and the decisive value of Maśkowiak’s paintings, is the sort of perception that it offers. Before the observer starts looking in her works for the anecdote and narratives, he will have noticed a piece of canvas covered with throbbing trails of glaze, the noble colours. One finds it difficult to leave the exposition. And, after all, this is what matters.

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EVA "the land of dreams "
Medium: oils
Subject: abstractions
Style: expressionism
Size: Width: 80 Height: 40 cms
Price: $0, €1200
 1-1 of 1 pieces.