nature in man west cork
White Flowers
Green Sea
When only Survival Matters
Faith in history
Interjacency 8
Dingle 1
Pestilence Stricken Multitude (Shelly)
interjacency 7
Stones of Beara
Out of the Depths
which child of Lir ?
Last big Wave
Cliffs near Aillihies, Beara, Cork
Mountain in Mayo No 6
View from garden, west cork
after Monet
'Still mind...'
Austerity R.I.P.
Napolian's tower 2
Lighthouse Beara
Famine Valley in Co. Mayo, Ireland
Killeshin Hill, Carlow
Kerry Mountain Stream
Children of Lir 1
Waterfall 2 (Powerscourt, Wicklow)
Hill Walkers 3
Avalokiteshvara, God of Compassion
Where stars are born
After Van Gogh
Dingle 1
Websters quay Carlow
Where stars are born 3
Gazing in wonder from Delphi
Light on Bere Island 3
To the Waters and the Wild 2
Final Big Wave
Solar Eclipse
Carlow Castle by Night
mountain stream, Kerry
Garranes Buddha Road
Up-the-hill road to Castletownbere
ASs Above, so Below
Picture with turtle in it
Ashleigh Falls (Connemara)
Delphi, Mayo
The mountain in your face; Leaving Dzogchen Beara
our garden
Storm over Beara
Flooded Field (seen from moving train)
Knowing Mother Earth 1, Alliwee Caves, Co. Clare, Ireland
Dream Refuge 2
The Stolen Child (from W. B. Yates)
yin yang
Nature in man / West Cork
After Degas
To the Rescue
Up and down , up and down to Dzochen Beara, West Cork
Going home, tired.
Last big Wave
Morning mist on the road to CASTLETOWNBERE
garranes road , from Dzogchen Beara
Habour on Beara Pennisula
interjacency detail
Across from Peigs Beara
Waterfall 1 (Powerscourt, Wicklow)
Blue on Blue
Soul of Ailihies, West Cork, Ireland.
Cliff house 1, Beara.
Napoleonic Tower near Allihies, from Bracluin.
Final Big Wave
Delphi 3
Free Flow over Enniskerry
which child of Lir ?
Bog Pool
galaxy 2
After Degas
Nuala's f;owers
Getting to know Mother Earth
Storm Brewing on Galway Hooker 2
Trimming the edges
after Van Gogh
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