Memories of the Arans No:6
Rehearsal II
Memories of the Arans No:3
Study for a Clown
Icarus I
Garden Series II
Ode to the Arans V
Heron Study I
Sea Dance 1
Book cover
Conductor Study XIV
Memories of the Arans NO:5
Ode to the Arans VI
Artist patinating Tuscan Autumn
Musical Study
Wagtail on Stem, Study II
Ode to a Woodland Walk
Ode to the Arans II
The Edge Recalled
Revolving Head Series: Study 1
Hampstead Heath Series I
California SeaDance
Sad Little Figure
Home from the Sea
Rocker II
Revolving Head Series Study 2
Wrapping Simmons
Sower VII
Dance of the Valentines
Couple II
Curragh Series 2008, nos 4 & 5
Homage to Dante
Cheeseboard with Goblet
Cheeseboard Study IV
Fallen Warrior
Curragh Study II
Air Corps Memorial, Baldonnel
Wood engraving : Three Man Curragh
The Conductor
003 Note Descending Series: Yellow on Green
Memories of the Arans No:1
Sower V
Wagtail Study II
The Note Descending series II : Tuscan Autmn
Sea Dance 3
Peace Moment
Memories of the Arans No:4
Duet III
Ode to the Arans IV
Cow in Branks
Kenwood Winter
Icarus Rising
Celestial Musician II
Curragh Study XII
The Brahms and Liszt Trophy for the 19th Hole!
Egghead : James Joyce Series
Good Morning, Spring
Revolving Head Series Study 3
Rocker IV
Coots and Winter Shadow
Conductor Study II
Dante Europeo
Icarus XIV
Aquadance I
A Peace Moment
Icarus XVI
Festive Dancer with Little Dancer
Wood engraving : Shawled Figure (Aran Isles)
Clown Walking
Party Boy
Sower III
Two Figures
Lotus flower with birds in flight
Revolving Head Series Study 2 (bis)
Memories of the Arans No:7
Predator and Prey
Garden Series V
012 Celestial Musician I
Ode to the Arans I
Figure II
Monica clown
Aquadance III
Revolving Head Series Study 3 (bis)
Ode to the Arans III
Curragh Study VII
Memories of the Arans NO:2
Iris Study II
Kavanagh's Seat
Study of the Edge
Clown Remembered
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