Movement and Memory
Long Haul Home
The Millionaire in Spirit
Grafton St Brinks Van, Dublin
St Stephen's Green Shopping Centre, Dublin
Larkin's Despair, O'Connell St, Dublin
Pub Corner
Delivering Diversity
La Med
The Era of the Mobile Phone
International Bar
Famine Memorial
Backpackers Odyssey, O'Connell St, Dublin
Global Market, Moore St, Dublin
Temporary Sanity
Boardwalk, Bachelor's Walk, Dublin
Parallel Park
Smelling the Coffee
Crossing the Liffey
O'Connell's Delight, O'Connell St, Dublin
The Homer of Oyster Stout
Making a break for it
Where was I?
O'Connell Bridge, Dublin
Dublin Tour Bus, Dublin
Banana Route
Parnell's Providence, O'Connell St, Dublin
Liffey Swim 2007
Larkin's Delight
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