Slea Head, Co Kerry -- 2011 work
Evening Harbour -- Older work
The Proposal -- 2004 Older work.
Clew Bay -- Older work.
Winter Sun, New Jersey. -- Older work
Seaside Sojourn -- 2004 Older work.
Lazy Afternoon -- Older work
Fantasy Series --- Symphony of silence. -- 2004 Older work.
Olive Grove
Martian dawn. -- 2004 Older work.
Portrait 2
The Blue Cloth
Freedom -- 1997 Older Work
Best Friends -- 2011 work
Portrait 1
Winter in the Woods -- 2011 work
Turning for Home"
Croagh Patrick from Old Head -- Older work
Portrait 4
Croagh Patrick from Delphi Road
Portrait 3
Howth Head from Portmarnock Beach
Upperchurch Village from Moher
Sunlit daisy -- Older work.
Northern Lights -- 2002 Older work.
Crohy Head -- 1997 Older work
Cygnets Day Out -- Older work
Crisp Winter -- Older Work
The Great Spirit
Birch Forest -- Older work
Le Printemps en France -- Older work.
Older Work ---- Sky-chariots detail
Childhood Friends
Bear Hug
Knockalough from Ballyboy
Late Spring on the Grand Canal, Dublin -- 2011 work
Clare Island -- Older work
Jumping the Surf -- Nov 2010 work
The road less travelled
Swans and Cygnets -- 1991 Older work.
Deer in Pine Forest
Older Work ---- Leopard Silouette
Ashleagh Waterfall, Mayo -- Older work
Moroccan Morning -- 2002 Older work
In the desert ... detail. -- 2004 Older work.
A picture tells a thousand words! This is me in the States.
Late Summer in the Golden Vale
Snowy Track -- Older work.
High Spirits -- 2011 Work
Inverted Desert -- 2004 Older work.
Deer at Lakeside -- Older work.
La Costa Esmeralda
Gap of Dunloe, Killarney, Ireland
Le Mer d'herbe -- Older work
Moonstruck, detail. -- Older Work.
Older Work --- Sky-chariots
Swan and Cygnets
The Dream by the River -- 2004 Older work
Croagh Patrick -- Older work
Fantasy Series -- Moonstruck.-- Older work.
Summer Serenade -- Older work
Daisy Meadow
In the desert of the blue stones. -- 2004 Older work.
Under the Oaks
Snow Tree
Eighty Winks
Pampas -- 2004 Older work
Achill Island Atlantic Coast
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