The Banks of the river Suir
Young Wrens
Autumn's River
Twoford bridges
Great Tits in an Oak tree
Female Merlin in moorland
The Vale of Clara
Royal Applause
Fording the stream
goldfinches on thistle
Moored under the willows
Path through the bluebell woods
Foxes in the snow
Lanner Falcons
The old coach road
Pale Morning light
Fording the stream
The Silver Sea
the river flesk in winter
Just fledged
After the autumn rain
Beautiful River
Woodland stream
Light across the Bay
Male Merlin
Gamekeeper's Lodge
Goldfinches on blossom
Storm passing
Great Tits on Hazel branches
Lone Fallow Buck
Peregrine Falcon
Barn Owl
Flooded fields at Camus
Barn Owl
Galtee Mountain stream
Prergrine Falcon in moorland
old Bride Bridge
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