Forest and Stream Landscape.
Evening Seascape
The Claddagh, Galway
Bridge Bar, Clonmel
Portrait of Old Man Reading the Newspaper
Study of 'Nuptial Portrait of a Young Woman' Presumed by Leonardo da Vinci (15th Century)
'Returning from the Fields' after Julian Dupre
Study of 'Profile Portrait of a Young Man' after Masaccio
Study of Milkmaid with Cows after Julian Dupre
Claddagh Girl
Study of 'Portrait of a Young Woman' after Ghirlandaio 1449
Study of 'In the Meadow' after Julian Dupre 1851
Portrait of Mr Crock
House in Trimmer's Lane,Wexford
Watercolour of the Mediterranean
Study of 'October' from Les Tres Riches Heures du Duc de Berry after the Limbourg Brothers.