4 seasons' tree no.2
blue woods
sitka grove printed on fabric
underground no.8
untitled leeks no.1
4 seasons' tree no.13
4 seasons' tree no.12
female nude
direct intaglio printed on fabric
underground no.5 - concentration of fossils
image from the road no.2: still life
4 seasons' tree no.14
tawny owl
direct intaglio 2
4 seasons' tree no.4
4 seasons' tree no.6
4 seasons' tree no.3
potato stalks
dandelion lights
to Franz Kafka: the castle
4 seasons' tree no.8
untitled potatoes
orchard-early hour
the little prince 1984
4 seasons' tree no.16
underground no.1
sprouting ginger
underground no.2
underground no.9
another tree
untitled parsnips no.2
4 seasons' tree no.18
4 seasons' tree no.9
underground no.6
norway maple
waking up
4 seasons' tree no.4a
St. Mary's Kilkenny from library 1983
underground no.3
underground no.11
image from the road no.1: collection of trophies
chains no.4
underground no.4 - silver ore
montbretia no.1
4 seasons' tree no.11
untitled onions
practice sheet
4 seasons around clearing
untitled leeks no.2
untitled parsnips no.1
male nude
first clearing among four seasons
dream of snails
underground no.10
underground no.7
4 seasons' tree no.10
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