Wexford Opera Festival Exhib 2009
artist in his gallery
Bartering in Cavaillon. France
Dordogne Farm
a quiet place
Moulin Mas Freres, Sorede
Cllematis Jackmanni 3
vines - sun
Heat Haze Les Alberes
Starlit Sea (Royal Academy)
Man & Dogs Cavaillon market,Haute Provence
Mas Christine Les Alberes, Pyrenees
Moulin a Croix Brantome, Dordogne
Anemones and vase
Ben Lettery & Ballynahinch River
the last farm, hidden valley 12 pins.Connemara
Muckish Mtn-Dunfanaghy, Co Donegal
Lavender and Mt Ventoux, Haute Provence
Wexford Opers festival set up show 2
-9c Moyola River, S Londonderry
Irises & Plane tree.
Iris - 'Paris'
Almonds Vines & Pyrenees
Almonds & Albere Mts
Winter Vines & Canigou
Lough Lenane and 12 pins mts Connemara
Hidden Valley, Twelve Pins mts
Wexford Opers festival set up show 1
Poppy- Orange 1
Autumn River Moyola Co Derry
Paris Exhibition Poster
Maumturk Mts Connemara
Iris Parisienne
Forgotten Apples 1
Monets Bridge, Giverny
Clematis Jackmanni
Gold Iris
Lavender,Sault, Haute Provence
Paris pres de les invalides
Cafe des Arts, St Remy France
Winter ploughed Sl Gallion Co Londonderry
Tolymore forest Hermitage area
Tolymore Larch
the artist in his studio
Acanthus Spinosa
Clematis jackmanni
L'heure de laSiestam Sorede France
winter light
The Precious drop
Anemone red
Wexford Opera Fest Exhib 2009
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