One More Replacement & Shes Mine
Jokers Back
Rocks By the Sea
Stroll In The Snow
Port Vell, Barcelona
Following In Daddys Footsteps
Irish Cottage
Up, Up & Away
Houses on The Onyar River
Tough as Old Boots
Boat Make Over
Take a Seat Traditional
Deep Blue Sea
Warsaw Colours
Rosslare Strand
Blue Boat
First Car
Teal & Gold Canvas
Red & Yellow Woman
Street Light
Home Sweet Home
Port Vell
Take a Seat Modern
Blue Window
Anne Ellard Art & Design
Kenyan Sunset
The Simple Life
Colourful Sunset
Rosslare Strand (from Kellys Hotel)
Rock Pool
Rory's Boat
Colours in The Sky
Stroll on Port Vell - Barcelona
From a Secret Admirer
Country Life - County Wexford
Classic Jag
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