Child or Warchild
The pain and Agony of the screaming LSD skull
Angel at Dawn
abstract bodies (female)
Möllan Punkrocker (Möllevången)
Dominatrix Daniella
Small Child sinking in paint
X and Y the complex version
Insanity Disleksia
Ancient Crumbeled Artefact
Spreckled Frame and Blackness
silly world
Hedeonism Satyricon
My sexist View of a Heterosexual Male Man
Female Lady with fag and saggy tits
Mighty Cloud Formation
Danny Hennesy back in Sweden
Heavy Rock
Looking into the Setting sun
Welcome to the free world
Play that Tune
Documentation of Vienna no 65910719-1
When twain aliens meet
Elf Girl
Colorful Darkness surounds us
Radiant Presence of Self Knowledge
Clean and Fresh
Daemonic Spellcaster with No Ears
Violent Carneval of Chaos
Buy a Piece of the Artist
Drink the Blood of Baccus
Nice Sunset and Green Frame
In Memory of Mr Woo
Statue Fairy in VulcanoWorld
Abstract Spidersweb
Chaotic Connections
I Focus on the Light
Sick of Beeing a painter
But I do Love You (kille clown in Black and white)
Standing Thinker
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