Mr Brian Cowan
The Singer
James Joyce - NEST
Children on the Beach
El Don & Co.
Waiting for Godot
Hold your hour and have another.
LOVE - Giving it Away
James Joyce Portrait - Florence
Marion's Ablutions
Abstract head of James Joyce J31
Joyce the Pluralist, - Paris
A Flower given to my Daughter
The Forty Foot swimming Hole
La Playa 2
Nora Barnacle Joyce
Abstract 2006-4
James Joyce and Nora in Zurich
Spanish Black Bull on yellow
Joyce the Pluralist, -lend us five shillings
Bloomsday Re-enacted
Beach View
Samana Santa
Charlie Chaplin
Abstract 2006-2
Towards a head of Picasso
James Joyce the Pluralist
My Madonna
La Playa
Am I Walking into Eternety..?
Good Puzzle....
Plaza de la Merced
Black and White Cat
A Portrait of James Joyce
Bottle & Sphere
A Flower given to my daughter
James Joyce Sketch
Plaza de Torro
Don Quijote
Flamenco dancer - green
Abstract 2006-3
The Red Boat
Les Demoiselles de Dublin
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