Curriculum Vitae

I’m a graduate from the National College of Art and Design. I have been working with fine art for the past eleven years.

The main body of my work is based around ‘The stations of female life’

By using this as my theme I can show the viewer the ‘Sacred Feminine’. The emphasis
is based on Motherhood and Childbirth. I believe the power of the female and her ability to produce life is very sacred.
Our job as mother surpasses any other type of work. Sometimes I look back and see how hard it was for me to get my degree, the many hours of study I put in. The years I spent getting ready to work in my field, to get a good, well paid job. I understand now that God has different plans in mind when it comes to a mother's job. I have the privilege of doing the best job a woman can do. A job that does not give me lots of money or success in the world's eyes but the unpaid satisfaction of being an influence in my child’s live for eternity. There is no job that can match that.