Curriculum Vitae

1998 Chistmas exhibition                                 An Damhlann Gallery, Spiddal, Galway.
1999 Christmas exhibition                                Kennys Gallery, Galway.
2002 Graduation show                                    G.M.I.T.
2002 Tulca Festival                                         Townhall Theatre, Galway.
2003 'Cul an Ti`'                                              N.U.I.G.
2003 'The Real World'                                     City Hall, Galway.
2003 Tulca Festival                                         Installation {Dominic st., Galway}
2004 'Fragments'                                             N.U.I.G.
2004 Drawing exhibition                                  Galway Arts Centre.
2004 'West, Northwest'                                   Mayo General Hospital.`
2005 'Galway a Portrait'                                  Kennys Gallery, Galway.
2005 Art in the West                                       Leisureland, Galway.
2005 An exhibition of
           Paintings                                              U.C.H.G.
2006 Christmas exhibition                               James Gallery, Exchequer St., Dublin.