Curriculum Vitae

If you are interested in acrylic painting, I suggest you check out my website. Why? Because, a written description of visual art would be nonproductive. Obviously you have to look at my art and see if you get an emotional reaction from same.

Now if you like my art, you will want to know a bit about the artist because you cannot separate the art from the artist. here goes...I am retired and in a nice white colonial house in Oconto, Wisconsin with 2 naughty cats. I do all types of paintings....sports portraits, flowers, animals, scenery, cityscapes, lighthouses, ghosts, americana. I use my imagination but also try to paint photorealistically.

Every painting I do has a story behind it. A while back I was into painting lighthouses with ghosts. I was into nostalgia...when I visited a lighthouse, I imagined who lived there many years ago. Right now I am really into sports portraits. Most of the time I think of a sports icon and then dream up a painting concept about the icon. Right now the guy that everyone is thinking about is Brett Favre. It is probably his last year. Also painting the human face is very very challenging. So right now it is Brett...but next it might be Elvis, or a politian (well, maybe not) or maybe Ill paint a farm scene. The options are endless.

You can visit my studio and gallery at my home here in Oconto. The gallery contains my paintings. It is all lit up with track lighting and is very impressive. I can show you my latest creation and discuss the ideas behind it, and demonstrate painting technique, etc. Or I can just show you the pretty paintings.

Directions to my gallery: Oconto, Wisconsin is located 30 miles north of Green Bay Wisconsin. Take highway 41 north out of Green Bay, turn right onto Main Street in Oconto (at the McDonald's restaurant, drive thru Downtown Oconto and turn left onto Park Avenue, drive about 6 blocks to my gallery, a big white colonial house, 808 Park Avenue, located on the right side of Park Avenue. Ring my bell and come on in.

My phone number is 920 834 6341. Email is and I check it every day.

During the second weekend of June, we have Copperfest here in Oconto. Copperfest is a community festival with events for kids and adults. On the Friday of Copperfest, I will have open house and my paintings on display outside in my yard. This very nice venue for a family visit to my home. My yard is huge and had beautiful flowers.