Curriculum Vitae

Kaja Šegvić was born in Split, Croatia, 1974.
From the eary age, she shows an interest in the arts and mathematics, so as in exploring the questions of life and its meaning, resulting in her intense enquery about the purpose of our living and the reasons why the nature and the Universe itself exist. The whole process of searching for those answers started at her age of 3, only to be conluded in her 27th year of life and after becoming the Engineer of mathematics on the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia in the year 1999.


After the graduation, she is working as a computer programmer and the project leader in the software computer business, and at the same time writes her first book, called the „Game Theory or Is there an End?“ (published 2004. in Croatia), connecting her own unique expirience of unity of all things to all the sciences and different spiritual theories about the way and reason Universe was created into a unique expression of universal truth of our existence. The book is intended to be a guidance to everyone looking for a way to find a meaning and the purpose of his own life, so as to make it easier and more fun, realizing this life is nothing but the game intended to make us discover our true nature of the loving, omnipotent and creative beings (hence the title of the book „Game Theory...“).


Kaja published two more books of poetry: „Come, let the Time breaks!“ (2004) and „Trees above us know why they are laughing“ (2006). Kaja's poems reflect her  desire to enlight the reader and step with him closer to the fullness of his existence.


After realizing the speed of modern life leaves her readers with so less time that the reading procces becomes almost mission imposible, Kaja starts to paint and thus presenting her whole knowledge of life (and „death“ J) in the (he)arts of her paintings. Make no difference in which form the laughter and joy of the Ultimate truth of life is presented to her readers/viewers: in all her art forms, the truth is dancing and playing in the same rythm.

Kaja's work were presented on more group exspositions in Split, Croatia during the years 20006/07. and her first solo exsibition in September 2007. in Split.

Kaja also worked as a profesor on the University of Practical Computing Sciences in Split, for three years (2003-2006.), where she got a title of Lecturer in the field of Computer Sciences.

Kaja's Current activities and projects are animated cartoon-making (the film about creation and meaning of the Universe (contracted with Zagreb-film, the Oscar-winning Company from Croatia) and being published as the member of the new "Masters of Today" book of contemporary artists in the year 2009.
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