Curriculum Vitae

I was born March 6th 1973 in Zagreb, Croatia, where I finished School for applied arts and design.

Altough I started to paint back in high school, there was a long period, for about 10 years when I did very few paintings. Since I have three kids, that are little bit older now, I started to paint again.

In June 2007. I started to work in a group mentored by academic painter Prof. Dubravko Lepej, and with that group I had more than 20 art shows. In September 2007. I had my first solo exhibition, and in December 2009. I had second one. 

I mostly paint in acrilic, and my recent works are inspired by my beautiful country, Croatia, and its wonderfull hills and seasides.

I have worked in few different themes, Butterflyes, Meanders, Afrika, The beam of light and the most recent is Dreams.
You can see more of my works in my new web site: