Curriculum Vitae


Chinchisan Oana was born in Jassy, Romania on 03.03.1983 and at a very young age showed talent for drawing and had a thriving passion for art. She approached painting toward the 90s. She takes part in many art exhibitions together with other artists achieving nominees and prizes. At that time he moves to Suceava where she begins her graphic activity. At the same time Oana assiduously works on her main art: oil painting on canvas.


-1998-2002 “Ciprian Porumbescu” College of Arts, Suceava, Romania
-2002-2006 “George Enescu” Fine Arts Academy, Teacher L. Suhar, Jassy, Romania

-2006 Informatic Master "Stephan  The Great" University, The Faculty of Electrical Engineering Suceava, Romania
- At present she is a  teacher at The College Of Arts C.Porumbescu Suceava, Romania
-2006 The Member of “Nicolae  Tonitza” Art Group

-2007 “Stephan The Great” University, Suceava, Romania
-2008  The House Of Culture, Vatra Dornei, Suceava, Romania
-2005 Arcu Gallery, Jassy, Romania 
-2005 The Biennal of Painting,”N.N.Tonitza”, Romania
-2007 “Aqua”, Stephan The Great University, Suceava, Romania 
-2008 “Ion Irimescu“ Gallery of Art Suceava, Romania
-2008 “Saloanele Moldovei”-Bacau Romania

-2007 The Creation Group Exhibition Vatra Dornei

-2007 Days of University Stephan The Great, Suceava  

-2007 TAG exhibition on 25 october
-2007 Romanian Spirituality Exhibition

-2008 Life circle painting camp organized by TAG

-2008 AQUA exhibition on 31 March

-2008 FIRE exhibition, Suceava


-1998, First Place Award, Visual Arts Local Council of Bucovina Romania 2002
-2001 The Participation Prize at “The Market Place Of Popular Artists” Competition, Suceava, Romania

-2002 ”The National Day Of Romania” Competition, The Second Prize
-2007 International Exhibition in Los Angeles

-2002 Calinesti, Suceava, Romania

-2005 Timisoara ,Timisoara, Romania
-2007 Vatra Dornei, Suceava, Romania

-2008 Vatra Dornei, Suceava, Romania

-In Romania: Suceava, Jassy, Bucharest
-In the world: France, Spain, USA, Canada

E-mail adress:


Str. Magurei, Nr.3, Bl.G10, Sc.B, Et.1, Ap.4, SUCEAVA, Postal code 720271, ROMANIA.