Curriculum Vitae

Cãtãlin Chifan Alexandru was born on 2 July 1980 in Suceava, Romania.

COMMENTARY by Valentin CIUCA International Member Asociation of Critic, 2006 “One Century Of Arts in Bucovina”:

"Influenced in his turn, to a great extent, by the authority of his professor, Liviu Suhar,CATALIN CHIFAN commented upon themes that the Master was fond of, without turning however, into an epigone. Practically, the post graduate extension of his respect indicates a personal option, a serious modality of preparing his separation. He already does it by inscribing his compositions in an operational scenography. On the stage there are characters from ancient times, actors and sorry players, aristocrats and plebeians. The painter has the gift of constructing images, knowing how to animate relationships and how to relate them properly within the whole. The individualization of these histrionic appearances does not rely on imaginary dialogues, but on the atmosphere of the particular stage where this events take place. The setting elements of this perpetual carnivalesque performance, real Gothic structures by the angularity of contours, suggest the presence of the ludic as an animating tension of the graphic ensemble. By the capacity to construct and simbollicaly motivate the composition, CATALIN CHIFAN's painting contains the signs of a promising career."

-1995-1999 The College of Arts, Suceava, Romania
-1999-2003 Fine Arts Academy, Picture Department, Teacher L. Suhar, Jassy, Romania
-2003-2004 He had worked as a teacher at School No. 10 Suceava, Romania
-2004 At present he is a titular teacher at The College Of Arts C.Porumbescu Suceava, Romania
-2004 The Member of Union Artists Of Romania

-1998 Regional Centre of Psycho-Pedagogy Assistance, Suceava, Romania
-1999 The House Of Didactic Corporation, Suceava, Romania
-2001 Natural Sciences Musem, Suceava, Romania
-2004 Eurom-Bank, Suceava, Romania
-2005 “Ion Irimescu“ Gallery of Art Suceava
-2006 "SUMMER SCHOOL", Stephan The Great University, Suceava, Romania

-1995 Exhibition Of The College Of Arts C. Porumbescu, Suceava
-1997 Gallery’33 Suceava, Romania -1997 Regional Museum, Gura Humorului, Romania
-1998 Regional Museum, Gura Humorului, Romania
-2003 Arcu Gallery, Jassy, Romania
-2003 “Ion Irimescu“ Gallery, Suceava, Romania
2004 “Ion Irimescu” Gallery, Suceava ”Images On The Snow”, Romania
-2004 The Biennial Of Painting, “Stefan Luchian” Gallery, Botosani, Romania
-2004 The House Of Culture, Vatra Dornei, Suceava, Romania
-2004 The Creation Group Exhibition Vatra Dornei,
“Ion Irimescu” Gallery, Suceava, Romania
-2004 History Museum, Suceava, Romania - The “Voronetiana” National Competition
-2004 The Art Gallery ”Gura Humorului”, Suceava, Romania - Vatra Dornei Creation Group Exhibiton
-2004 Balkan Quadrinnale of Painting “The myths and legends of my people”, Stara Zagora, Bulgary
-2005 The Biennal of Painting,”N.N.Tonitza”,Bârlad,Vaslui, Romania
-2005 “The Sign of the Spring”, Stephan The Great University, Suceava, Romania
-2006 M.I.A.D.Venado Tuerto-Santa Fe-Argentina,
Ukraine,Spain-Allhambra-"Valentin Ruiz Aznar Gallery"

AWARDS -1995, 5 Juny - ”The International Day of Environement ” - The First Prize
-1997 The Participation Prize At The Nationale Competition Of Caricature -”Humour At Gura Humorului”, Romania
-1998 The Participation Prize At We for You Group Of Creation Exhibition, Gura Humorului, Romania
-1998 The Participation Prize at “The Market Place Of Popular Artists” Competition, Suceava, Romania
-1998, 1Decembre, ”The National Day Of Romania” Competition, The Second Prize