Curriculum Vitae

Short artistic biography and exhibition list

She born in Bursa Turkey  1968
Finished Cerrahpasa medical faculty of Istanbul
London Fashion College  in ENGLAND

2003 DSS art galery -Sculpture,painting- Newjersey -USA
2004 Chania2. International art fest –GREECE
2004 Russalka international Plain air art fest BULGARIA
2004 Zurich art show SWITZERLAND

2005 Museum Castello Estence international art contemporara( Emotion in                motion) Ferrera-ITALY 
2005 Grand Marche art contemporary Place De LaBastille Paris-FRANCE
2005 Chania 3.International art fest-GREECE
2005Russalka international Plain air art fest BULGARIA
2005Omma Gallery Santa Barbara-USA
2005 Istanbul art show Tuyap –TURKEY

2006Cekirdek art galey 35 woman 70 paintings Istanbul,TURKEY
2006 Agora Soho Galley NewYork-USA
2006 Deniz Museum art galley (meeting) Istanbul-TURKEY
2006 Grand Marche art contemporary Place De La Bastille Paris,FRANCE
2006 Istanbul art show Tuyap-TURKEY
2006Bialowieski National Park Museum –POLLAND

2007Zoya art gallery-Varsav-POLLAND
2007Cappadoccia  international art exhibition-TURKEY
2007Paintings of happiness-Cekirdek gallery-Istanbul,TURKEY
2007Istanbul art show-Tuyap-TURKEY
2007Ghost of portrait -Cekirdek gallery-Istanbul-TURKEY
2007 Cekirdek members group     exhibition)TURKEY

2008  JMA gallery (light and colour)–Viyana      AUSTRIA
2008 Gallery Binyil  Ask Sel’inde Ucusan Melekler (flying angels in river of love)solo exhibition Istanbul-TURKEY
 2008 2.Draynova   international art fest-    BULGARIA

2008 Published  poem book with paintings   (Aşk Sel’inde Uçusan     Melekler)(flying angels in the river of love)

2004.Chania internatonal art fest(English-Geek),
2004Chania international art show(English-Greek)
2004 Zurich art show(English-French)
2005 Celine(English)
2005Istanbul art show(English-Turkish)
2005Russalka international art show(Englisjh-Bulgarian language)
2005-Emotion in motion (English-Italian language)

2006 –Evoluation (everthing started with fire.(English-Turkish)
2006 – Orientapopart(English-Turkish)
2006   Dancers

2007 Cappadoccia international art  fest(Turkish-English)
2008Flying angels in the river of love(poem book with painting by Selin)