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Contact Information

Born August 3rd, 1935, in Ghadir, Lebanon
Nationality: French and Lebanese
Schooled at the Marist Brethren, Jounieh

1961-3State Scholarship to Madrid
1963State Scholarship to Paris
1973State Scholarship to Rome
1985State Scholarship to Paris

1951-61Omar Onsi
1958-61George Corm
1955-57Rachid Wehbe
1955-57Italian Cultural Centre, Beirut
1955-57Ecole Supérieure des lettres, Beirut
1958-59Beirut Faculty of Medicine (Anatomy)

Diplomas of Higher Studies, Madrid University and San Fernando School of Fine Arts, 1961-1963
Doctorate 3rd cycle, University of Paris. " Plastic arts, pictorial technology and expression."
Doctorat d' Etat 1999, Lebanese University

Lebanese State instructor since 1954
In charge of refresher courses for Lebanese art instructors in Beirut, Tripoli and Byblos state high schools, since 1965
Instructor of Fine Arts at Holy Spirit University, Kaslik, since 1963
Titular professor of the Lebanese University
Chairman of the Drawing and Painting Department at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Lebanese University, 1980-1985 and 1994-1996; member of the Faculty Council.

More than sixty personal exhibitions in Lebanon and around the world
Works in private collections, public, religious and private corporations around the world :
France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Germany, Vatican, United States, Canada, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Brazil, Mexico, Uruguay, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Abu Dabi, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Emirates, Kuwait, Cyprus and Egypt

Courses of artistic formation on Lebanese Television, for all students at universities and teachers' training colleges
Radio - BBC, Voice of America, Montecarlo, France and Kuwait Radio, Radio Liban
TV - Kuwaiti and Lebanese

Magazine, Monday Morning, Society Magazine, "Artuel 98" Salon International d'Art Contemporain dans le cadre du Bifis 98, Aurora magazine ... - La Revue du Liban du 15 au 22 Décembre 2001 - No. 3823 (French)
Herald Tribune & The Daily Star an article from October 03, 2001- No. 36,882 (English)
Le soir Revue du Liban (English)
Nahar, Al Shrek, Anouar, Hayat, Safir, Amal, Alanwar Newspaper, (Arabic)
La semaine arabe, Al Hassnah, Al Hawadess, Al Kabbas Lamasat, Al safa, Al-Mushahid Assiyasi, Najwa (Al Massira)Magazine , An artilce from March 6 - 2000 (Arabic)
Al Manara, Nice Matin, Our lady of Lebanon (London) (English&French)

Several articles in the local and International press
Several talks given in educational institutions in Lebanon and abroad
Polycopied courses for secondary (senior high) school classes and the teachers' training college
Teachers' book in Arabic for the Center for pedagogic research and development
Mentioned in the book "One Hundred Years of Plastic Arts in Lebanon 1880-1980" Ed. 1982
A book about the artist's work: Peintures du Liban –Joseph Matar - Tanit Edition -1996
Mentioned in the book "Pioneers from Lebanon" Ed. 2000
The work of Joseph Matar was critiqued on April 11, 2000 by Joanna Bassil (Bachelor of Arts degree, University of Quebec - Montreal, Canada).- A question of culture and formation which finds its expression in the work of Joseph Matar
His poetry has been mentioned in "Dreams and Fantasies" part of The Silence Within series by The International Library of Poetry
The works of Joseph Matar appear in the book "Histoire de l'art du 20ème siècle, artiste peintre Joseph Matar", Tome III, Académie Michel Angelo des beaux arts, Beirut, by Alice Atwé under the supervision of Bernard Renno
In July 2001, his poetry was recognized by an award for outstanding achievement from the international library of poetry (Library of Congress ISBN-0-7951-5062-8)