Curriculum Vitae

Bachelor of Arts degree, Designer Craftsman, University of Utah 1977.


After Twenty years of successful corporate employment, Calvin has been able to change away from the corporate direction and dedicate his time to painting. After being introduced to Lee Deffebach in 1996, he has followed the teachings of his mentor and Abstract Expressionism. Calvin has been exhibiting his work mainly along the Wasatch Front in Utah. His paintings are featured in the Fourth and Fifth (’04/’05) seasons of the Warner Brothers Television series “Everwood”.

2006 Presidents Art Show, Museum of Utah Art and History,

2003 Utah 2002, Painting and Sculpture, Kimball Art Center

2002 Speed of Life, Jeanne Wagner Gallery

2001 Millennium, The Gallery at the Station

2000 Johnson/Rigby/Thomas, Left Bank Gallery

1999 Holiday Exhibit, Bountiful Davis Art Center

1999 Annual Invitational Exhibit, Myra Powell Gallery

1999 Dreams and Reality, Left Bank Gallery

1999 The Idea Was Art, Art Access Gallery

1999 The Idea Was Art, Art Access Gallery

1998 Annual Invitational Exhibit, Myra Powell Gallery

1998 Gardened Expressions, Left Bank Gallery

1998 Group Show, Left Bank Gallery

1997 Third Annual Partners Exhibition, Art Access Gallery

1993 Art Show, Frameplace Gallery

1991 Original Work, Frameplace Gallery

1989 Hamaraville International


Everwood Television Productions, Inc.

Takashi Restaurant

Pictureline Inc.

L.W. Bradley

D. Douglass

Ranch S. Kimball