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                                               BRENDA  AS

Brenda  Almeida-Schwaar, born in Zanzibar, Tanzania,  and now  living in Les Landes, France, after having  spent many years in Africa, South East  Asia and the Carribeans.

Basically a self-taught artist with a passion for Arts, particulary painting since an early age, Brenda persued a correspondence course in Beaux-Arts in the United Kingdom and also worked under Artist - N Hirose for two years (1990 - 1991).  She initially took an affectionate interest in rendering the subtle expressions of people's faces where she excels by the quality, accuracy and intensity of her techinique.  Subsequently, she applied  her skills to still-life, landscapes and animals in a classical and realistic way with an occasional touch of  expressionist fantasy , which currently prevails in her latest works.

Her paintings can be seen in private collections, are and have been exhibited in numerous  galleries and halls in France, Tanzania, Grenada, Spain,  Germany and Belgium.  Apart from the  many awards, certificates and diplomas including those of "Arts, Science and Letters - Bronze Medal - (France),  Gold and Silver (National and International) Medals - L'Académie Européenne des Arts - (Belgium),  some of Brenda's  works have also been  selected by Aubusson Tapisseries (France) for the creation of hand-wowen tapestries.

Over the years, Brenda's passion for arts in general made her want to try out new endevours..  Inspired she started to make  hand-made flowers from tissue which are moulded to form the petal desired and painted  if necessary thus creating the impression and feeling she needs as seen in her mixed media works.., and lately as been trying her hand on clay sculpture...
For more information do not hesistate in  contacting me my email  addresse or  Telephone  : (33)  05 58 42 86 94   (France)

Addresse :  Brenda Almeida-Schwaar, Cap D'Estiou, Bellocq, 40170  LEVIGNACQ, Les Landes, France

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