Curriculum Vitae


I was born in New York City in 1954 and moved to Ireland in 1966. In Trinity College, Dublin I studied English Literature and History. For the remainder of my 20s I worked in printing and publishing. I began painting full time in 1985, making three dimensional work in 1989 and photo-based work in 1998.

Selected exhibitions: National Portrait Awards, Dublin 1986/93; Royal Hibernian Academy 1988/96; Sculpture in Context, Conrad Hotel, Dublin 1996; Coda 9.99, Dublin Castle 1999; Department of Arts, Dublin 2001; Frederick Gallery, Dublin 2001; Metatron Gallery, Enniskerry 2004; Gora Gallery, Montreal 2007; Fotobild, Berlin, 2007; Florence Biennale, 2007; The Spirit in Art, Ferrara, 2007; KunstForumInternational Awards, Perugia, 2007; Arte Pela Paz, Azores Regional Parliament, 2008; Ico Gallery, New York, 2008; Little Treasures, Bologna, 2008; Traces of Memory, Ferrara, 2008; The Spirit of Our Time, Leitrim, 2009; Auditorio del Duomo, Florence, 2012;BCN Art, Casa Battlo, Barcelona, 2014.

Collections: Totm'a Museum, Vologda, Russia; Irish Permanent; Department of Foreign Affairs, Dublin; Greek Embassy, Dublin; Microsoft, Ireland.

From 1997 through 2002 I have been artist in residence: with a young farmers group, in a plastics factory, in three schools and in an asylum seeker transit camp.


Douglas Ross

1,Sidmonton Square, Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland.

Telephone: 353-1-2868190. Internet: