Curriculum Vitae

Biography of �Dego� (Detlef Gotzens)

Born in 1952 in Cologne Germany, Detlef showed from an early age on that he was inclined towards an artistic career in Life, always drawing and making things.

At the age of fifteen he became an apprentice in the stained glass studio of Jacob Melchior in Cologne where he completed his three year apprenticeship. During that time he was exposed to some of the best known artist in this field which was another motivator to pursue art in his Life.

After working in the field for five years Detlef decided to further his education with a master�s degree from the guild of Cologne and at the same time study glass technology and design for two full years at the famous Glass College in Rheinbach close to the former German Capital Bonn from which he graduated as a Master in 1977.

During all this time Detlef never stopped to paint and draw besides designing in glass, after his graduation he participated in various group exhibitions� as well as solo shows between Cologne and Duesseldorf. He also spends a lot of time traveling throughout Europe absorbing art and architecture from the various cultures. In 1985 he and his wife decided to immigrate to Canada after a family visit to Vancouver in 1983.

He settled in Montreal and immediately started to work for a local studio but opened his own atelier after just 5 month. One of his first commissions was to restore a window at the St. Josephs Oratorio that was partially destroyed after a fire. In the following Years Detlef by then having adapted the pseudonym �Dego� for his original art work continued to work on many high profile restoration projects from Montreal to Ottawa for example Christ Church Cathedral, St. James the Apostle, St. Patrick�s Basilica in Montreal as well as the Peace tower windows at the Parliament Building in Ottawa, Notre Dame Cathedral, St. Patrick�s Basilica and St. Anthony�s Church, all located in Ottawa. At the same time he worked on numerous private and commercial art glass commissions in many different techniques that contributed to his reputation as a versatile and innovative artist.

In 2004 he won an art competition to design 5 large windows for the Cultural Center in Huntingdon Quebec and these windows where published in the American Glass Art Magazine in 2007.

His expertise and technical skill was called upon again in 2007 when he created a glass fa�ade in New York City (Central Park) for one of the best known Architectural firms/designer Ali Tayar and associates which was published in the New York Times after completion.

In 2009 �Dego� decided to stop working on conservation and restoration projects to devote all his time to his �first love� making art! He is currently working on a series of new glass sculptures in combination with other materials like lime stone and metal as well as new paintings in various media.

By now his career is spanning 43 years in glass and for many years Detlef also has been teaching �cold techniques� at Espace Verre in Montreal and will also beginning to teach at the Ottawa school of art as of September 2010.

Detlef is currently represented by Montreal.