Curriculum Vitae

Katerina Xarchopoulou (Greece)


Born in Athens, Greece, I studied painting and engraving next to prominent Greek artists.

My education on art is continuous.  

Participated in many group exhibitions as well as in contests and biennials

in Greece and abroad (USA, Argentina, Germany, Spain, England, Italy, Bulgaria,

Romania, Turkey, Sweden, France, Poland, Russia, etc to mention only a few),

where my work hangs in private and public collections.

I was invited by Saatchi Gallery together with other artists to be showing my work

on their site permanently.

Awards: Awarded the Bronze Medal by the Eurogallery for the body of my work in 2005



Member of the International Mail Artists’ Network

Member of the International Society of Artists (ISA)

Member of Mirca Art Group

Group exhibitions (a selection):


2010, "9th Lessedra World Print Annual"
2010, April, Marseille project gallery, "Artists Portraits"

2010 "Art against Honorary Violence", Gallery Tunedal in Stockholm
2010 "En-Klima, Ash in Art Gallery Premises, Athens, Greece

2009 Mirca Art Group Exhibition for Human Rights, Stockholm, Sweden
travelling exhibition to:

    Prague (Czechoslovakia) 2010,
    Malta 2010,
   Liverpool (UK) 2010,
    Warsaw (Poland) 2011,
   Rostov (Russia)2012

2008 “I bienal Internacional del Pequenio Formato”, Caracas, Venezuela
2008 “5th Int’l Biennial of Miniature Art: Czestochova 2008”, The Centre of Cultural Promotion,   Poland           
2008 “War or Peace”, Museum of Int’l Contemporary Art, Florianopolis, Brazil
2008 “28th Mini Print Int’l of Cadaques”, Spain, France, England
2008 “7th Lessedra World Print Annual Mini Print”, Bulgaria”
2008 “Nature”, organized by the EcoGreens Party of Greece and the Athens Municipality Cultural Organization

at Melina Merkouri Municipal Gallery, Athens
2008 “1st Int’l Mail Art Biennial in Greece (Elassona)

2007 “Mini Prints Tetovo 2007”, National Institution of Tetovo, Skopje
2007 "Men and women, views and representations", Melina Merkouri Municipal Gallery, Athens
2007 “27th Mini Print International of Cadaques”, Spain, France, England
2007 “6th Lessedra World Print Annual Mini Print”, Bulgaria
2007 “Diversity Festival”, Booze Cooperativa Gallery, Athens

2007:    -“Social Stigma”, Italy,

-“Refugee Solidarity Chain”, Greece,

-“La Historia Siamo Noi”, Italy,
 -“Driving Colors”, Greece,

-“Alyonka”, Yoshkar-Ola Museum of Fine Arts, Russia,
            -“Dream cities”, Athens Municipal Gallery and Larissa Municipal Gallery,

2006 “Intercontinental Biennial of Small Graphics”, Inter-Art Contemporary Art Museum, Romania
2006 “Albiac Int’l Biennial of Contemporary Art”, Cabo de Gata-Nijar Natural Reserve, Spain
2006 "Men and women, views and representations", Avdou Cultural Center (Heraklio), Greece

2006 "In the dance of the waters", Hotel Xenia, Rethimno, Greece

2006 5th Biennial of Mail Art “EARTH, AIR”, Kunstverein Bad Salzdetfurth Gallery in Bodenburg, Germany
2006 “Int’l Biennial of Small Graphics, Romania

2006  -“The republic of the artists”, Venice, Italy,

-“Dream cities”, Elassona, Greece,

-“Post-it” Atkinson Art Gallery, Southport, England,

-“kisses”, Madrid, Spain,

-“Sound”, Buenos Aires, Argentina,
         -“VIIth Int’l Mail Art Exhibition “Nude Art”, Romania

2005 “Omma Contemporary Art Center” in Santa Barbara, California, USA
2005 "Artist 2005", Art Fair with gallery “Omma” in Istanbul, Turkey
2005 “3rd International Art Festival”, Omma Contemporary Art Center, Chania, Greece
2005 “The Greek artists for the International Day against Violence”, Athens Municipal Gallery

2004 “1st Balkan Quadrinnale of Painting”, National Gallery of Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

2003 “The Greek artists for the day of Aids HIV, Athens Municipal Gallery

Personal shows:



2005 Mykonos municipal gallery



Books' illustrations: I


n 2007 I created woodcut prints for the front and back cover of the edition of poetry

"five poets in the Market"


Publications: Numerous catalogues of art exhibitions worldwide, mentioning few here:






Balkan Quadrinnale of painting, “the myths and legends of my people”, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria, 2004 +




“15th Istanbul Art Fair”, Artist 2005


“3rd International Art Festival”, Chania, Crete, 2005


“Municipal Pinacotheque of Mykonos Monthly Review”, October 2005




“Nude-Art, VIIth International Mail Art Exhibition, Romania, 2006


“In the Dance of the Waters” University of Crete, 29/7-13/8/2006



“Diversity Festival”, World Humanist Movement, exhibition At the BOOZE Cooperativa Art Bar,  2006



“Inter-Art”, The 1st edition,Aiud, Romania, June 26-29, 2006




“Il Tesino e Bieno verso la Registrazione, EMAS”, Bologna, Italy, 2007



Fourth International Biannual Exhibition of Small Graphics, Tetovo, “The cultural Heritage – Bridges between nations, 4/12/2007-31/3/2008


“27th Mini Print Internacional de Cadaques”, 2007

“Art Periscope 2007 Calendar, Garmond Drukarnia,



“worlds – of men and of women”, University of Crete and Athens Cultural Organization, 2007


6th Lessedra World Print Annual, 2007




“Prasino (Green)”, Greek Ecogreen Party,, Exhibition and auction of 90 artists artworks for the fundraising for the Ecogreen Party, 2008


7th Lessedra World Print Annual, 2008


“28th Mini Print Internacional de Cadaques”, 2008


“I bienal Internacional del Pequeno Formato”, Venezuela, 2008




“10 dec 1948”, Mirca Art Group, for the exhibition Mirca Art Tour for Human Rights,





“En-Klima”, Ash in Art, for the group exhibition on the climate changes, Jan 2010



Planet Earth Planet Art, Mirca Art Group, Book published for the support of the Friends of the Earth International





“ARTnews”, N.Y., USA, December 2005 issue, Volume 104, No 11, page 171

"Cretan Review", 4/8/2006 for the exhibition in Avdou, Crete
"City Uncovered", 16/2/2007, for the Diversity Festival
"Open Market", June 2008, cover page for the book illustration (five poets in the Market)

Numerous press releases in magazines and internet sites