Curriculum Vitae

I have been working in Ceramics since the late 70's, and have been sculpting at Coombe Park since 2001. I have had a varied ceramics career including time spent as potters assistant to Rupert Andrews, and a production thrower for David White. I gained my Ceramics B.A. from the University of Derby in 1996, and, as well as full-time sculpting, am also engaged in ceramics teaching and demonstrating, most recently to the West Country Potters Association. 

Future Events:

Dartington  80th Anniversary Celebrations, Sculpture exhibition in the grounds, Dartington Hall, Dartington, Totnes, Devon 4th - 30th June 2005.

Nine days Of Art, Open Studio, Coombe Park, Ashprington, Totnes, Devon 10th - 18th September 2005.

South West Sculptors Association exhibition Ariel Centre, Totnes, Devon 27th September - 2nd October

Goddess images week-end workshop with Ama Menec and Geri Parlby,  Devon date to be confirmed Autumn 2005

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