Curriculum Vitae

Artist Background              Jim Shanahan                              Jan 2017

I am a mostly self-taught artist. I was born in Dublin. Since early childhood I have drawn and painted for my own enjoyment. I enjoy spending time in the countryside, as I am interested in the environment and the great outdoors.

As an artist I am interested in portraying scenes of beauty which uplift the spirit. I paint varied subjects involving people, animals etc. in landscapes and urban settings. Presently I work mostly in oils. For subject matter I rely on a blend of observation and imagination.
"La Costa Esmeralda", "High Spirits" and "Wonder" are good examples of and typical of my current style.

I am inspired by the work of the impressionists and modern day artists such as Nicholas Verrall and Robert Bateman. Like them I am constantly trying to improve my ability. Other artists I enjoy include Gustav Klimt , Van Gogh, Lavery, Vermeer and Millais.

Please inquire for painting prices if not shown or pencil portraits. Please check back to see new works as they are posted. I shall be continuously updating this site. Enjoy your visit. Last updated -- January 12th 2015.


Artist Statement              Jim Shanahan                              Jan 2017


I choose to paint a subject based on being drawn to some aspect of it’s composition. When painting from observation, the subject matter has to have some element of interest, either in the play of shadows, shape of components or effect of light. Everything has to look balanced to the eye. I like outdoor scenes but occasionally paint interiors. I want to paint appealing scenes of beauty that are fleeting or are often overlooked by the casual observer.


I prefer to work in oils on canvas. I like the richness of oil colour and the way that the paint has body and texture. I choose colours based on my knowledge of how they relate to each other. I want to achieve colour balance and harmony as much as possible. I prefer to keep a sense of light moving throughout the image, and so I avoid using dark colours excessively. Sometimes the swirling movements of my handwriting are evident in my looser brushstrokes.


I am currently painting more works involving people, within landscapes, or other backgrounds.
I aim to produce works of a very high quality and hence I strive not to cut corners in any areas of the paintings.
I hope to garner a following in the future - by producing beautiful paintings which are also well executed. An example of what I mean by this is"La Costa Esmeralda".
Thanks and enjoy browsing my art.