Curriculum Vitae

                                                   About the artist


Antonio Blanco is native of Mexico City (born1958) he discovers at a young age a special affinity with drawing and painting, which it will transform throughout the years in his professional career and on the road for personal expression.


He studies Graphic Design at School of Design and Crafts from the National Institute of  Fine Arts ( INBA ), and performs professionally as an artist as well as a graphic consultant for both designers and printers all over the Mexican territory. 


He has been involved for the past twenty five years in several industrial projects related to graphic media reproduction, specializing in ¨ four color process ¨, and it is from this relation where he evolves a new painting stream that could be defined as ¨CROMATICISM ¨, taking glazing effects (oil paints and encaustic waxes) into a new dimension.


This innovative painting technique is based on the application of the sustractive primary colors known as: process yellow, magenta, cyan and process black.

When the saturations of the four tones  (transparent pigments) are combined at different values, is possible to obtain an infinite number of colors, which can recreate with great fidelity those found in natural environments and act according to the natural physic law´s of light´s absortion and refraction, to create specific tonalities of each one of the world´s existing things.

Just like an offset machine will perform it’s duty, but following traditional hand painting techniques by the artist, allowing him to achieve a hyperrealistic result combined with an outstanding  contemporary  art finish.