Curriculum Vitae


I was born in Kassel/ Germany in June 1960.


I grew up in a quite creative family. My father, as an architect, introduced me to some drawing techniques and my mother to colors and arranging objects.


I studied medicine and became an urologist. In my free time I experimented with painting. During my travels I got inspired.I am influenced by Mark Rothko,Barnett Newman and Josef Albers and I feel connected to Keren Seelander and Nell Whatmore.


With my husband and my two daughters we continued traveling and left Germany to live five years in Norway, where I started to study painting more intensely.


In Norway I had some exhibitions. Some of my paintings went to private collections and I also created several pieces for Norwegian companies.


Since January 2002  we are living in Hampton,Melbourne.


2002  Gallery “ Without Pier” ,Sandringham

2002  Stuart Adamson   Artwork and Interior Design,Armadale

2003  Dezign,Brighton

May 2003  Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Solo Exhibition)

2003 Windows on Church , Richmond

2003  Suburban 312 Gallery

Dez 2003 – Feb 2004 Exhibition at “The Loft” Art Space in         Rochford’s Eyton’s Winery in the Yarra valley