Curriculum Vitae

Born in Romania, Oana Lauric shares her heart and time between three adoptive countries: France, where she studied art, architecture and found a fountain of inspiration, Italy where she rediscovered her roots and the United States, where her home is and where her art blooms.

After years of art study and a Romanian baccalaureate in Fine Arts, she went on to graduate from Ecole d’Architecture Paris-la-Villette in France with a B.A Degree in Architecture. She worked as an architect on various projects ranging from interior design and athletic stadium in France, to industrial facilities and private residencies in the US.

Yearning for more creative and artistic freedom and the need for unrestricted self-expression, she took an extended sabbatical for the full time exploration of painting and art in general. Soon, she knew there was no way back, her initial passion prevailed and art became the way of expressing her deepest self.
Now more than ever, surrounded by the fresh, powerful beauty of Maine,
she cultivates her art as a total way of living, personal and professional alike.

This born-again artist plays with colors, mediums and textures,
while as a trained architect she explores and studies volumes, forms, space, and new technologies.
A merging of both selves creates varied artistic expressions in the form of partially abstracted figurative paintings, like the series “SPACES”. There, her canvases enveloped in soft, atmospheric veils of color, she challenges the senses of scale and perspective for better suggesting a mood, a time, a yearning.
Media and tools are mixed and blended, reality and imaginary visions get playfully tangled and nourish each other.

In a false labyrinth but concise vision, her canvases fill out with watercolors, pastel, charcoal and pencil, with oil, acrylic and metallic pigments.
Stemming from the marriage of realism and abstraction, the world of Oana Lauric's vibrant colors appears to the viewer complex and bewitching.
Handling colors with mastery, the artist invites us into her lyric universe.
Her generous paintings abound of secrets, allusions and illusions…

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