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I was born 1941 in Ely, Cambridgeshire, England.

My best subject at school was art, I was encouraged to pursue a career in art but I had other ambitions which I subsequently followed. At 19 I married and we raised seven children, these responsibilities kept me busy so art was low on my agenda until in 1973, while recovering after an accident, I got down to teaching myself to paint. From that time I have developed my painting into various areas, acrylic, oil and now mainly watercolour. My subjects have changed little, landscape, nature, especially trees and natural forms, although in recent years I have explored the abstract form.

In 1975 I had a solo exhibition at The Barn Gallery, Peterborough and for a number of years a permanent one at a country inn from where many paintings went to USA, Canada, Sweden and all over the British Isles. In the late 80's I also started writing but continued to paint. A number of articles along with illustrations were published in a country magazine. One of my watercolours was also used on a cover. Currently I am in the middle of my first novel.

We moved to Ireland in 1995 and now that we are settled here I am developing some ideas in the execution and presentation of watercolour paintings and techniques involving both the papers and pigments. I have eliminated the need for glass, mounts and in some cases frames although I still use all these when they suit my objective. The words I use to describe these techniques are 'distressing', 'enhancement, 'free form' and 'serendipity'. For over twenty years I have been making and selling what is best described as 'objet trouve', sometimes even combining these with watercolour paintings. I maintain the image, in watercolour, is in the paper rather than on the paper so I look for ways to show this quality. I use papers and pigments from world wide sources and objects found on the beaches of Kerry to create a diverse range of images and presentations that both artists and public find stimulating. I work in small scale as well as large, the largest to date is a watercolour 180 x 120 (6'x 4'). Over the years I have acquired a number of skills in the construction industry with wood and stone which I am now putting to use in three dimensional work, both sculpture and installations. How to convey time, the fourth dimension, in static work occupies my attention at present.

Regularly teaching art in the community keeps me alert to the significant role that participation in the visual arts can play in society - especially one that is overwhelmed by pre packaged everything.

Since 1997 1 have been closely involved with the well known artist Pauline Bewick assisting her in her studio, designing and hanging her large public exhibitions and working on large collages. In 1998 she opened my solo exhibition at the Davis Gallery, Dublin.

During the past 6 years I have had solo exhibitions in London and in Ireland at Cork, Tralee and Newcastle West and exhibit in galleries and mixed shows in England, USA and Ireland. I regularly take up a residency at Cill Rialaig, an artist's retreat here in Kerry. In 2004 I will be begining a long term project in a scenic park on the coast of South West Kerry to provide sculptures and artistic features along with outdoor painting courses.

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