Curriculum Vitae

 Esam Pasha


- Born in Baghdad 1976.

- College degree of administration 1999.

- Free study of art.

- Member of The Iraqi Artists Society.

- Member of The Iraqi Journalists Union.



- Many exhibitions held in Baghdad State Art Center and private galleries.

- International Babylon Festival exhibition1998.

- Political Poster exhibition 1998.

- Iraqi Contemporary Art exhibition in Vienna -Austria 1998.

- Victor Hugo exhibition (held by The French Cultural Center) 1998.

- Humanity Crosses The Threshold Of The New Millennium (held by International Committee Of The Red Cross) 1999.

- Irak: Terre Oublée exhibition in Paris -France 2000.

- Jamil Hamoudy exhibition held in Innana Gallery by Jamil Hamoudy (the Iraqi pioneer) Baghdad 2001.

- Art across borders exhibition (toured Europe and the US) 2002.

- Ashes to art: The Iraqi Phoenix exhibition with four other Iraqi artists, SoHo, New York City- USA January 2006.

- The second exhibition of the Iraqi Phoenix with other Iraqi artists SoHo, New York City- USA June 2006.

- Java Studio Show in Brooklyn NYC June 2006.

- Solo exhibition in Branford House, University of Connecticut 2006.

- Joint exhibitions with various Iraqi artists in the Pomegranate gallery SoHo, NYC 2007-2009.

- Participated in the exhibition “It Is What It Is” that toured across country with the British artist Jeremy Deller 2009  webstie:

Work experience/

- Worked for the Christian Science Monitor.

- Worked for The Boston Globe.

- Published articles about art in some international journals, like The Art newspaper.

- Worked as a free lance journalist.

- Worked for IRIN (United Nations Integrated Regional information Network).

- Participated in (International Artists in residence) program of seven months residency in The Griffis Art Center Connecticut U.S.A. 2005/2006

- Talked and lectured in a number of universities and institutions such as NYU, The New Museum NYC, The Hammer Museum CA, The Cooper Union Hall and University of Connecticut as well as privet galleries such as the Pomegranate gallery in SoHo, NYC.



- Painted a panorama for the United Nation development Program in Baghdad represent the history and civilization of Iraq 2000.

- Painted the first post-war mural in Iraq located in Baghdad represent Baghdad the city of long history 2003.

- Recovered a stolen Juan Miro’s master piece in Baghdad 2004.

- Appreciation certificate Iraq State Art Center 1999.

- Appreciation certificate from The International Committee of the Red Cross 1999.


Esam is mentioned in number of books such as:

- Inside The Red Zone by Steve Vincent

- Dancing In The No-Fly Zone by Hadani Ditmars

- Baghdad Journal by Steve Mumford

- Chasing Ghosts by Paul Rieckhoff

Latest Article published in The Art Newspaper