Curriculum Vitae

Although born and raised in southern Ireland, I have lived most of my adult life in either Devon or Cornwall. In spite of the variety of influences I was exposed to in England, it is in the end an Irish sensibility that motivates the subject matter in my work. The world I grew up in was one dominated by a quiet, but nevertheless bitter war waged between the Catholic church, with its tales of passivity, resurrection, angels and repressed sexuality, and that of a more earthy, peasant one, full of talking birds and animals, ghosts, shape shifters, horned men, dying Kings, and triple Goddesses. I suppose the two cultures, both of them now alas, under threat from modernity, have managed to make some sort of uneasy with each other over recent years, nonetheless, the natural tension between Christian and Pagan, myth and reality, past versus present, has continued to provide me with a rich, iconic feast of subject matter.

David Shanahan studied painting at Kingston School of Art, and later, as a mature student at Dartington Collage of Art.

Birmingham Art Centre. one man 1977
TSW Open Award winner mixed 1978
Royal Academy Summer Show. mixed 1978
Billian-De-Contemporain, Paris. mixed 1979
Plymouth Art Gall and Museum. one man 1979
Blue Moon Gall, New Mexico, one man 1982
Exeter Art Centre. one man 1984
Salisbury Art Centre. one man 1986
Bon Echo Gall, Tsuymama, Japan. mixed. 1991
Rainyday gallery, Penzance. one man 1994
Red Dot gallery, London. mixed 1997
Broomhill Gallery, N, Devon. one man 1998
Unicorn Gallery, Chelsea. mixed. 1999
Lantern Magic, Devon. one man 2000
Polka Dot gallery, Devon. mixed. 2001
Affordable Art Fair, New York. mixed. 2002

Private Collections, Eire, USA. Denmark> Holland. Germany. Canada. Japan. Australia

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