Curriculum Vitae

Expressionist painter from Romania;

Faculty of Philology at the "Al.I.Cuza" University of Iasi (Romania) graduated in 1981;

Private painting lessons with the famous Romanian painter Ion Neagoe;

Member of the Romanian Fine Arts Union since 1999;

Member of the art workshop "Stefan Luchian", Iasi, since 2004;

Present in the album "Un secol de arte frumoase la Iasi" ("A Century of Fine Arts in Iasi", ART XXI Publishing House, 2004);

Present in the Art Dictionary "Dictionarul ilustrat al artelor frumoase din Moldova, 1800 - 2010" ("Illustrated Dictionary of Fine Arts in Moldavia", Art XXI Publishing House, 2011);

The painting "Mysterious Old Man" is shown in the film Erik Zamani/ Time of the Plums, directed by Sezen Kayhan (Turkey), released in 2011;

Many private and collective exhibitions in galleries from Iasi, Bucharest, Mangalia, Bacau, Targoviste, Targu Jiu (Romania),Kishinev (Republic of Moldova) and Ruse (Bulgaria) ;

Numerous artworks in museums and private collections from Romania, Germany, Spain, USA and Republic of Moldova.