Curriculum Vitae

                                               SOLO EXHIBITIONS
  Cry of Nature                                 Summer 2005
  Origin Gallery, Dublin                   Opening speech by Mr Bill Cullen
  Cill Rialaig                                     Autumn 2005
  The retreat gallery,                         Opening speech by special guest Mr P.J Gibbons
   Co. Kerry                                       Editor of Social and Personal magazine  
  The Light of Nature                        Summer 2007
  Origin Gallery, Dublin                   Opening speech by guest of honour,the renowned
                                                          artist Mr Peter Curling
  Life in Nature                                  Autumn 2008
  The Lee Gallery,                             opening speech by special guest Mr Jack Power,
  Cork                                                Associate Editor, Irish Examiner
  Autumn Colour                               Autumn 2009
  The Lee Gallery, Cork                    Opening speech by Mrs Monica O'Neill
  Wild Spirit                                       Summer 2010
  Origin Gallery, Dublin                    Opening speech by special guest Mr Frank Keane
  Polo at Phoenix Park                       Autumn 2010
  The Pavilion                                    By kind invitation of the club president
  All Ireland Polo club