Curriculum Vitae

Painter, Sculptor, Potter
Bogotá, Colombia

1982 - BA, College Faculty Moderno. Bogotá.

1983-1986 - Social Communication at the Universidad Javeriana
2005-2009 - BA in Theology. Faculty of Theology.
House on the Rock .. Integral Christian Church.
1984 1988 - Research on art and popular culture in Colombia to develop the degree work.
1982-1989 - painting workshops Elma Pignal, Gladys Pinedo, Victor Arnold.
1983-2001 - Workshop Foundation which is dedicated to teaching painting.
1998-2001 - Ceramic workshops and Vlcky Dumit Possin Amparo.
2001 - Research and application of ancient art techniques for use in a work which seeks its own language, but inspired by the great classics


2012 . Galería CASA CUADRADA.Bogotá
2011. Club Ateneo.Wordl Trade Center. Bogotá. 
2011.Club Arrayanes. Bogotá. 
2007. Club ECOPETROL. Bogotá
2007. Natural Food Restaurant. Bogotá.
2006 - University Club, wordl trade center bogota
2006-Club San Andrés. Bogotá.
2004 - Expodiseńo. Bogotá.
2003 - San Andres Golf Club, Bogota
2002 - Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá, Sede Norte, Bogotá
2002 - Centro di Cultura di Italia, Bogota
2002 - Serrezuela Country Club, Mosquera, Cundinamarca
2001 - Atheneum Corporation - World Trade Center Club.Bogotá
2001 - Bogota Plaza Hotel
Itatiano Center di Cultura, Bogotá.
2000 - Galeria Carrion Vivar. Bogotá
1999 - Kallery. Bogotá
1998 - Club of Engineers. Bogotá
1997 - Banco de Bogota. Bogotá.
Avianca. Bogotá
Powell Galery. Sarasola.Fl. U.S.A.
1996 - School MiIitar.Bogotá
Galery.0cala.Fl Salspring .. U.S.A.
1995 - Avianca. Bogotá.
 Michelangelo.Bogotá Gallery
 1994 - Club Caldas Corporation. Bogotá
Rafaello Gallery, Bogotá
Gallery Carrión Vivar. Bogotá
1992 - Lions Club. Bogotá
La Casa Argentina. Bogotá
1991 - Casa de la Cultura Chia
  Ta House Culture Del Huila. Bogotá
1990 - Bank of Commerce. Bogotá
1988 - Gallery of Corralito. Cartagena
1987 - Gallery Coltejer. Medellín


1985 - Honorable Mention. Media production. For the creation and production of Audiovisual solvent: Art and Popular Culture in Straight Buses.
First Meeting of Schools of Communication SOClAL of Colombia.
Best sample media, University of Colombia INCCA

1991 - FIRST PREMI0. Category Pintura.Club Lions., Bogotá.

1982 - Semifinals 0R0 Quixote Award. III Bienal de Arte
Cervantes, Bogotá.
2000 - Finalist. First Biennial of Art Canine and Feline, Ralston Purina,

2001 - Second prize figurative painting. Salon VI in the art Rotary Club
Chico Rotary Bogota

2007 - Honorable Mention. Rotary Room XII. Rotary Club. Bogotá-Chicho


                                                            RAPHAEL PUELLO CH.