Curriculum Vitae

Vike Pedersen is an experienced artist who has obtained noteworthy and unique pictorial results in painting, serigraphy and photography. As variegated jigsaw puzzles investigating the present, the works of this Danish painter are sophisticated compositions of different elements depicting social moments and urban or natural views.

The several techniques mastered by Pedersen, but also the subjects, people and places he selects, make his works the intriguing and modern mirrors of a fragmentary and composite contemporary time. Pedersen’s acrylic paintings, screen prints on canvas and other artworks are the result of over forty years of committed and accurate work, which he started in 1963, when he was only eighteen.

From his debut as an abstract painter, he came with time to describe situations in a different, more figurative and contaminated, more complex way. It is not like everyone to keep oneself up-to-date in painting: often artists cling to one style, one method, and do not experiment enough. The best aspect of this singular image investigator is that he has elaborated a poetic which is consistent with the passing of time, always referring in his compositions to the world we live in.

He steps into urban sceneries and contaminates them, marking them with human traces: a fascinating choice that occurs dynamically. His works convey the sense of life flowing outside the walls of buildings, in the streets, and is the result of many things: numbers, words and characters alternate with picture and colours.

The black and white is broken up by colour in these tableaus, in a multifarious swing of meanings and semblance, and - above all - in a choral sense of play, irony and cheerfulness. A work by Vike Pedersen arouses curiosity, it encourages sharing and also smiling.


Michela Turra, Bologna