Curriculum Vitae

Arts studies

  1989-1994 Athens school of Fine Arts -2nd laboratory of Painting -ATHENS

  member of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece

group extibitions

  1994 <<4th salon of young artists»» -Athens gallery AENAON 1995 National GALLERY, A.S.F.A. graduating class

  1996 Solar Village – Pine -Athens organized by eete

  2001 TEXNOPOLIS -GAZI -ATHENS organized by eete

  2002 TEXNOPOLIS- Gazi -ATHENS organized by eete

  2005 no more secrets -organized by Ombrela in Hellenic American Union , HAU, Athens

  12/2005 <<60 years later>> Eleytherias Park ATHENS organized by SYN & Athens municipality

  12/2006 <<holocaust of KALAVRITA >>, country seat of Palaiologina organized by Kalabrita municipality,

  5/2007<< VII BIENNALE of Aquarelle >>,Zrenzanin Serbia

  10/2008  48th Hellenic Ceramic  exhibition 

  11/2008 <<90 years of Communist party >>Texnopolis Athens 

  12/2008 <<Randez vous des Arts>>.Hellenic airport Athens

  1/2009 <<15 years old>> organised by <<Ash in Art>> gallery

  3/2009 <<without  a plan>> organised by <<Ash in Art>> gallery

  1/2010 <<en clima>> organised by <<Ash in Art>> gallery

  2/ 2010<<human figare in Arts>> Texnopolis Athens

  10/11/2010 49th Hellenic Ceramic  exhibition 

   6-12/2011 <<40 cm >  organised by <<Ash in Art>> gallery

  21-23/10//2011 <<efimeral art>> organised by <<orizontas gegonoton>>Thessaloniki


Solo exhibition



  9/2006 KAKSLAUTTANEN ARCTIC ARTS WEEK LAPLAND-FINLAND organized by Lapland Arts Council ,

  2006 summer, art park, RHODES

  7/2008  Mediteranian Ceramic meeting ,municipality of Ymmitos,Athens,organized by Psaropoyloy museum

  5/2009 municipality of Byron Festival (ceramic workshop),Roks theater athens


  Since1996 in my own laboratory in Kareas, Athens. tel. 6977054001

  also teaching ceramics to children & adults