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NEW MODERNIST (Phusis artist) 21ST Century art

Aio Urdai, Aboriginal from the north of Spain c.1972 ,The Basque country – (Plastic artist, multidisciplinary)
Aio's earliest drawings kept (1981), executed when he was about nine years old, showed exceptional talent.
Studies on the Arts at Saint John's Catholic school (Drawing , painting, mix media and sculpture).1985 He became Young Artist Of The Year Award Winner. Bermeo,Bilbao (Spain).
Throughout his childhood is influence by Pablo Picasso and The group of artist called GAUR,between them artist like Jorge Oteiza, Basterrechea, Ibarola, Chillida etc ... attend to Private Art lessons (Bermeo, Batxoki Arts School)
Moved to Sydney( Australia)1995, he discovered Traditional Aboriginal Art . Traditional Aboriginal Art and his all ready love for Abstract, Cubism and Expressionism, starting to melt together.
At the start he used strong colors. His principal subjects where lively scenes of popular, folklore (Aboriginal scenery, Sky heroes, Australian Animal, Bush rangers). Late in 2005, moves to Warwick Q.L.D,Australia . and he looked freshly at humanity with tenderness and admiration and adopted warmer colors and a more harmonious classical style ; during this rose period, his favorites subjects are (People,Outdoor and indoor scenes and Line composition and relation).
Sept,2006 starting private lessons at Mary's Australiana Style Art School at Warwick , Queensland. Between late 2005 and Aug 2006, influenced by the paintings of Pewrle, Pop art and The Australiana style.
Aio Urdai discovered that if he disregard the conventional means used for creating and illusion of reality and combine the old with the new, he could represent things more realistically by conceptual procedures.
Late 2006 is sponsored by P.A.C Gallery ( Vienna ) which takes him to his first European Expo at Salon Imaginatiff citron II a very well known Expo in Vienna (Austria) in which great artist from all around the world get to exhibit their work.
Jan 2007 Aio Urdai becomes Nominee artist at the 2007 Abstracts Awards. His work is listed in America 2007 Abstracts Catalog.
Also in Jan - March 2007 Aio Urdai work has been exhibit by P.A.C Gallery in Vienna and Switzerland.
Early 2008  Aio Urdai took everyone attention as he was name 1st Price Winner on the Brush With Verse Annual Art Price at Tenterfiled's Shire N-S-W Australia. During this year gets involved with Hypereality and Hyperseeing things as he had never before experience with Cubism .
 This new Line composition brought him closer to the subject an starts to create Amazing works all through the year .
Late 2008 is taken by the hand of Sue Mc Govern ( President, Art Dealer, Appraiser, Lecturer ) Sands of Time Gallery. She takes Aio Urdai to America to Exhibit some of his later work ( Georgetown Gallery and N.Y )
2009 A new beginning in art as he develops his " New Modernist Manifesto". March 2010 Manifesto is published for the first time.
2010 Return to his place of birth. Back to his roots , the Basque country. 
After his arrivel in the basque country from Australia late in the year 2010 , Aio Urdai have had the opportunity to exhibit his art in France  on which he had shown work with tendencies of the Australian Aboriginal  and that of the Surrealist and Modernist.
2011 Early in the year while working in the Gernika AmaLur exhibit the artist completed his 2nd edition of the new modernist manifesto and has it published in February that year.
Oct, First Phusis Art Performance . Aio Urdai develops this old idea of his “ the ephemeral” and his first installation after “Torture room”. The artist shows 9 Estela on main street (Juan Kalzada) , Gernika. The installation was prepare at night, the night before “the last Monday of October” . Eitb TV station filmed live while first people wakes up to find Aio Urdai 's work as if they were to enter an art gallery. Artwork was eventually destroy by the massive amount of people crowded on the day in Gernika, the after party did the rest to make of this art performance a totally success. (120.000 people visited Gernika that day).
2011 Date for the release of Phusis Paintings: Study of metaphysical arts by Aio Urdai. A small book written by the artist full of nothing. 

One artist to keep an eye on!!


June 2004 Penrith, Australia ( Sydney)
July 2005 Warwick, Australia (Queensland)
Dec 2006 Vienna, Imaginatiff Citron II ,(Austria), International
Jan 2007 Vienna Expo , P.A.C Gallery (Austria)
Jan 2007 Abstracts competition (America)
Jan 2007 Vienna, Gallery P.A.C , (Austria)
Feb 2007 Switzerland (Europe)
Oct 2007 Warwick Gallery, Australia (Brisbane)
July 2007 Jumpers and Jazz Festival Warwick, Australia (Brisbane)
2008 A brush with verse, Tenterfield Australia (N-S-W)  
Late 2008 is taken by the hand of Sue Mc Govern ( President, Art Dealer, Appraiser, Lecturer ) and much more. She takes Aio Urdai to America to Exhibit some of his later work ( Georgetown Gallery and N.Y )
2009 A brush with verse, Tenterfield Australia (N-S-W)  
2009 Avantgarde Art Performance at the Palace Hotel, Australia (Brisbane)
2009 Stanthorpe shire Exhibit , Australia (Brisbane)
2010 A brush with verse, Tenterfield Australia (N-S-W)
2010 Back to the dreaming, Endaia France Europe
2011 “Ama Lur” Gernika Kultur Etxea, Gernika(vizcaya)Spain
July 2011 Exposition de Artistas Plasticos vascos.Gernika Kultur Etxea, Gernika(vizcaya)Spain
Oct 2011 Street performance contemporary instalation, “estelas metaphisicas en Juan Kalzada”

Coming Expos:

2011  Arrazua's painted bush project (on-going) Urdaibai,Gernika(vizcaya)Spain.

Awards and Publications:

2010 New modernist manifesto
2011 New modernist manifesto - 2nd Edition
2011 Study of the metaphysical 
2011 Dic. Release date for the Phusis Paintings to the public

Statement about my work:

“Many times I have been resurrected”


 Thanks for looking, have a great day and all the best in the future.

Copyright © 2011 by  Aio Urdai